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"Gabriel Keller's first work both very personal and ambitious, "Clair Obscur" is a very successful example of musical patchwork that will fatally touch the heart of any good music lover."
TONYB (04.05.2022)  
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After several experiences in different bands, Gabriel Keller decides in 2019 to express his own sensitivity and emotions through a very personal music. Solo project does not mean in any case solitary, the artist has surrounded himself for his first production with a number of collaborators, as well behind the microphone as to the instrumental accompaniment and to the very careful graphic retranscription of his universe.
The artist, who has been influenced by both 70's rock and variety music, offers us in ten tracks a delicious patchwork of all his influences, between Clair and Obscur, between shimmering progressive pop and rock with metallic accents that remind Opeth, thus revealing the multiple facets of his musical personality. The first part of "Clair Obscur" takes us into an often dreamlike universe, where the female voices are accompanied by a sound universe evolving between intimate acoustic and neo-prog. After a first track which sounds like the opening of a prog-rock opera during which the instruments come successively to be superimposed around a central theme, the first reference which comes then to the ears brings back to the project of Steve Rothery, The Wishing Tree ('Time', 'Train to Resolution', 'Open Arms'). A female voice takes the listener along subtle and varied melodies, supported by a carefully arranged instrumentation that leaves room for some short but effective solos, with a perfect balance between the different instruments and the alternately delicate and powerful voice of Emi B. The result is simply bewitching.

The switch between the two musical universes is done on a 'Sonate au Clair Obscur' which begins like a title of Yann Tiersen, string quartet included, before switching after three minutes to a pronounced metallic style, punctuated with feminine exclamations and worrying choirs. This second part of the album turns out to be more complex, presenting numerous changes of themes, tortured rhythms (magnificent work on the drums), chanted songs, and can be less easy to approach at first sight ('Nothing Human', 'Honey'), but a careful listening will allow to reveal all the subtleties and to make it the perfect counterpart of the first part. And to sign a return in calmer waters, the album concludes with a beautiful 'Accalmie', a bouncy acoustic instrumental overhung by enchanting choirs. 

First work at the same time very personal and bloody ambitious, "Clair Obscur" is a very successful example of musical patchwork which will fatally touch the heart of any good music lover. Its declension in live as an acoustic trio (vocals/guitar/cello) is only an additional proof of the richness of its content. Simply indispensable.
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01. Tumulte
02. Time
03. Train To Resolution
04. Open Arms
05. Melancholia
06. Sonate Au Clair Obscur
07. Nothing Human
08. Out Of My Life
09. Honey
10. Accalmie

Gabriel Keller: Guitares / Basse / Batterie / Choeurs, Percussions
Anne-marguerite Solt: Invité / Choeurs
Charlie Henry: Guitares / Invité
Charlotte Gagnor: Invité / Choeurs
Clément Barou: Guitares / Invité
Clément Berthie: Guitares / Invité
Emi B: Chant / Invité
Julien Mailland: Basse / Invité
Lucas Biguet-mermet: Batterie / Invité
Lucie Lacour: Invité / Violoncelle
Maïté Merlin: Chant / Invité / Choeurs
Marine Poirier: Chant / Invité / Choeurs
Quatuor Majuscules: Invité / Quatuor À Cordes
Simon Rebuffat: Batterie / Invité
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