80's, Old School, Rasping vocals
"Destruction offers with "Diabolical" a high-flying thrash metal with a nice freshness and a great dynamism."
NOISE (11.07.2022)  
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For a few years now, the thrash machine Destruction is purring, with albums that are quickly listened to and quickly forgotten. After the "Under Attack" period, Schmier, the unmovable leader of the band, changed his line-up by switching to a quartet format. Despite this, "Born To Perish" had the same flaw. Since then, Mike Sifringer has left the band after almost forty years in it, leaving Schmier as the only remaining historical member. He was replaced by Martin Furia and the band wasted no time in giving birth to a 16th album, "Diabolical", which is expected to raise the bar high and strong.

Carried by a cover that refers to the beginnings of the band with Mad Butcher in the background and typical screaming colors, the album starts softly with 'Under The Spell'. Then with 'Diabolical' and 'No Faith In Humanity', Destruction gets nasty. The rhythm is intense, Schmier screams like a damned in a pure old thrash spirit. The choruses are effective and the new duo ensures with a great intensity.

Destruction succeeded in its start and does not slacken: thereafter, a lot tracks distinguish themselves ('Hope Dies Last', 'State Of Apathy', 'Servant Of The Beast', 'City Baby Attacked By Rats'), resolutely old school with the typically thrash choirs on effective choruses. Nervous and straight to the point, the songs make you shake your head with speed metal soli close to Slayer of the 80s. We have to salute the work of the guitarists' duo which does wonders and totally dynamizes the band.

At the same time, the band has the good idea to calm down the game with slower tracks that allow to breathe and to avoid repetition and boredom. 'Repent Your Sins', 'Tormented Soul' and 'Whorefication' are close to Metallica or Metal Church. The choruses are catchy, Schmier keeps his ferocity but appears more composed. Riffs and soli are more heavy and put forward a good melodic facet.

After some hesitations, Destruction seems to have found the right formula with a fresh and dynamic "Diabolical". It shows a band still enraged but who knows how to canalize its energy and who found again some desire.
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01. Under the Spell
02. Diabolical
03. No Faith in Humanity
04. Repent Your Sins
05. Hope Dies Last
06. The Last of a Dying Breed
07. State Of Apathy
08. Tormented Soul
09. Servant of The Beast
10. The Lonely Wolf
11. Ghost From the Past
12. Whorefication
13. City Baby Attacked By Rats

Damir Eskic: Guitares
Marcel Schmier: Chant / Basse
Mike Sifringer: Guitares
Randy Black: Batterie
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