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""Echoes From Afar" is a superb and very melodic album coming from Parallel Minds, an ode to the imagination followed by a sensory explosion."
THIBAUTK (28.04.2022)  
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A kind of French Nevermore, with a progressive touch like Symphony X and symphonic notes, Parallel Minds counted in its ranks Franky Costanza (ex. Dagoba). A few years after "Headlong Disaster", and Francky Costanza replaced by Eric Manella in the meantime, the band releases an "Echoes from Afar" divided in two blocks: the first one soberly entitled "Echoes" evokes "Terminator", "Interstellar" or "Star Wars", while the second one, "Endymion Suite", is inspired by the book by Dan Simmons.

Even if 'Feel The Force' starts as a soundtrack written by John Williams, the metal quickly takes its rights with a twirling guitar that supports an energetic cavalcade. But as the band likes variations, 'Stay' stands out, a beautiful soft and tender ballad. The emotion is hidden in the bend of an acoustic six-string and a superb solitary guitar reminding Michael Romeo or David Gilmour. As for 'No Fate', it associates a riff at the limit of the thrash with futuristic sounds of the most beautiful effect.

'Endymion Suite' is bluffing of control. This suite of songs passes in turn by symphonic orchestrations, cavalcades in the purest tradition of metal or icy and grandiloquent choirs worthy of monastic chapels. The climax is reached on 'The Greater Gift' with its carnal melodies that move, while the acoustic and symphonic passages cajole the senses - the solitary guitar is beautiful to die for.

Parallel Minds releases a superb, highly melodic album. "Echoes From Afar" is an ode to the imagination followed by a sensory explosion. The band marks this year with this very successful and superbly intelligent record. Welcome to a space-time journey aboard the Parallel Minds ship where pleasure inhabits every second of music.
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01. Feel the Force
02. No Fate
03. Angel's Battle
04. Stay 00:45
05. Monkey on my Back
06. The Hiding Place
07. Our Last Resort
08. Mythic River
09. Provider of Sins
10. The Greater Gift

Eric Mannella: Batterie
Grégory Giraudo: Guitares / Basse
Stéphane Fradet: Chant
Frédéric Visconte: Invité / Violon
Guillaume Rigaud: Invité / Accordéon
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