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"Bloodhunter shifts into high gear with "Knowledge Was The Price" which is transcendentally beautiful, melodic, punchy and very inspired."
THIBAUTK (27.06.2022)  
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Although born under the sun, the Spanish of Bloodhunter follow the icy tracks of Carcass and especially Arch Enemy. Their music, between melodic death and thrash, is quite different in these countries spiced with flamenco. Their first album ("Bloodhunter"), despite the quality of the guitars and the vocals, had received a mixed reception. Fortunately, a few years later, "The End Of Faith" corrected the situation, being qualified by some as a "little wonder". 

Bloodhunter releases burning tracks ('Sharpened Tongues Spitting Venom Inside') whose sweet melodies hit the aggressive voice. The guitars offer precise riffs while the solo interventions are as technical and melodic as fluid ('Medea's Guidance' or 'A Relentless Force'). The strength of the record is the avalanche of guitars harmonized in the way of Iron Maiden, sometimes touching the sublime ('A Relentless Force').

The power is there with a sharp, varied and expressive voice uniting the hot and the cold. Some may reproach an impression of "already heard" when the shadow of Carcass or Arch Enemy hovers over the record ('Spreading your Disease'). Throughout the songs, the musicians refine their music with soft moments worthy of Insomnium, warm melodies reminding Omnium Gatherum or a stripped down six-string to soften the fury ('A Relentless Force'). These limpid moments support a superb instrumental part whose phrases remind Dream Theater, projecting the group in progressive regions that we did not expect.  Finally, the clear voice charms when Rosalía Sairem (Therion) opposes the harshness of Rocìo, proposing a crystalline, beautiful and bewitching vocal line ('The Forsaken Idol').

Bloodhunter goes to the next level with a record made to conquer the international scene. On melodic death bases, surrounded by technique or superbly constructed guitars, it reveals a music inspired from start to finish. Even if the band takes its inspiration here and there, it integrates it to its identity. At the end of a dark and tortuous path, the record gives us to contemplate a transcendent beauty. In short, a must of the year!

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01. Sharpened Tongues Spitting Venom Inside - 3:34
02. Knowledge Was the Price - 3:45
03. A Twist of Fate to Come - 2:49
04. Medea’s Guidance - 5:23
05. Never Let It Rest - 4:39
06. Find Your Inner Fire - 3:40
07. The Eye of the Serpent - 5:05
08. Spreading Your Disease - 5:16
09. Nothing Beyond the Realms of Death - 4:47
10. A Relentless Force - 4:05
11. The Forsaken Idol - 4:03
12. The Hunters - 4:30
13. Bodom After Midnight - 3:38

Adrián Perales: Batterie
Dani Arcos: Guitares
Daniel Luces: Basse
Diva Satanica: Chant
Guillermo Starless: Guitares
Tim Ripper Owens: Chant / Invité
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