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"Osyron's "Momentous" is a very well produced and executed modern metal record that knows how to get out of the clichés of the genre to venture into new territories."
DARIALYS (06.01.2023)  
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As they blow out their tenth candle, Osyron releases his new and fourth album, "Momentous". The Canadians define themselves as belonging to the symphonic progressive metal scene. Without having listened to the quintet's previous works, let's say that this latest record is mostly similar to a modern metal record with all the characteristics that go with it, including a powerful mix, technical and incisive guitar riffs, a well-digested Djent inspiration, atmospheric sections and a number of compositional gimmicks typical of the genre.

This style imposes a cleanliness and an impeccable instrumental mastery, and whether it is in the sharp riffs of the finale of 'The Deafening', in the galloping rhythmics of 'Landslide' or in the highly technical instrumental sections of 'Beacons', Osyron masters his subject to perfection. Reed Alton is not to be outdone, going from a very high clear vocal, often hoarse, to a powerful and heartbreaking guttural vocal.

If Osyron's music gathers most of the characteristics of Modern Metal, the musicians still manage to offer relatively short tracks with a certain impact ('Dominion Day', 'Anunnaki', 'Beyond The Sun') and often memorable vocal lines. The Canadians sometimes stand out through oriental sounds as surprising as successful, especially in the violins of 'The Deafening'.

The most convincing track is certainly the one that comes closest to the progressive universe claimed by the band: the eponymous 'Momentous' is a real invitation to travel with sounds coming from another world where female vocals and violin are invited to the party. Twelve minutes long, the track is very well constructed and rises in power with very melodic passages, and others more violent and epic. The band successfully ventures through different atmospheres, from the quietest (with a very nice acoustic guitar on the beginning of the track) to the most powerful.

Without shaking up the codes of the genre, "Momentous" is a solid and relatively well constructed and balanced album, perfectly produced and executed. The style of Osyron being particularly in vogue in the small world of metal today, no doubt that this disc will find its public.
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01. Anunnaki - 5:
02. Dominion Day - 4:40
03. The Deafening - 4:53
04. Landslide
05. Sorrow and Extinction
06. Beyond the Sun - 5:15
07. Awake
08. Momentous
09. Prairie Sailor
10. Beacons

Bobby Harley: Guitares
Cody Anstey: Batterie
Krzysztof Stalmach: Guitares
Reed Alton: Chant
Tyler Corbett: Basse
Percival: Chant / Invité
Stu Block: Chant / Invité
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