Dissonant, Intimist, Low vocals, Melancholic, Old School, Punk
""Every Loser" is the 20th album from the king of the lizards, Iggy Pop, who takes us on a wild ride with a highly inspired record."
ADRIANSTORK (21.03.2023)  
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Iggy Pop had given us the false impression of having become a harmless Francophile artist between 2009 and 2012. Despite their qualities, the twin albums "Préliminaires" and "Après" lacked a bit of breath and it was tempting to conclude that the man had run out of inspiration. However, he came back to life with "Post Pop Depression" in 2016 and especially "Free", an extraordinary album of experimental jazz! For the release of his 20th album "Every Loser", the 75-year-old singer had announced that he wanted to return to his roots.

To carry out his rejuvenation, he hired the services of producer and guitarist Andrew Watt, whose CV fits well with Iggy Pop's. We also find other luxury guests such as Duff McKagan (Guns 'N' Roses), Chad Smith, Josh Klinghoffer (Red Hot Chili Peppers) or drummer Travis Barker (Blink 182). "Every Loser" starts on the discordant guitar chords of 'Frenzy'. The raw power culminates in the suffering screams of the wah wah guitar, barely relieved by the keyboards. One is somewhat surprised by the youthful voice of its performer on the explosive 'Neo Punk', as if the time had only grazed it and the spirit of the Stooge was eternal. The funereal bass of Eric Avery (Jane's Addiction) on 'Comments' puts us in a nocturnal and asphyxiating atmosphere that the artist appreciates but which sees a slight lightening on the choruses with luminous new wave keyboards.

For if he excels at playing tough (the lyrics of 'Frenzy' where he tells us about the anatomical details of a madman), under this lizard skin we find emotions. We find a beautiful ballad 'Strung Johnny', 'Morning Show', carried by the raucous voice of its interpreter or the reflections on a city of lucre 'New Atlantis', with a revitalizing guitar solo. However, one may regret a slight imbalance in favour of the less agitated tracks, interludes as short as they are superfluous ('My Animus' would have deserved a longer life) as well as some of the tracks ending in a disarray ('All The Way Down'). The album closes on a high note, however, with the sonic firework 'The Regency', which plays with rhythm and genre.

Despite its short length (36 minutes), 'Every Loser' can be enjoyed as an Iggy Pop classic, which still has enough ammunition to defend itself. A refreshing album, a second youth that should invite the listeners to go deep into the jungle of the king of the Iguanas.
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01. Frenzy
02. Strung Out Johnny
03. New Atlantis
04. Modern Day Ripoff
05. Morning Show
06. The News For Andy
07. Neo Punk
08. All The Way Down
10. My Animus
11. The Regency

Andrew Watt: Guitares / Basse / Claviers / Batterie
Chad Smith: Batterie
Chris Chaney: Basse
Dave Navarro: Guitares
Duff McKagan: Basse
Eric Avery: Basse
Iggy Pop : Chant
Josh Klinghoffer: Guitares / Claviers
Stone Gossard: Guitares
Taylor Hawkins: Claviers / Batterie
Travis Barker: Batterie
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