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""Employees Must Wash Hands" is the third solo album of Thomas Charlie Pedersen who offers us a Pop and direct album about the loneliness of confinement."
ADRIANSTORK (10.05.2023)  
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Nothing stops Thomas Charlie Pedersen. The Danish singer and guitarist had already released his fifth opus "Funhouse Mirror" with his band Vinyl Floor in the fall of 2022. A few months later, he does it again by releasing his third solo album whose title "Employees Must Wash Hands" is enough to illustrate the genesis of his compositions in the middle of a confinement... but with the company of his brother Daniel, also member of Vinyl Floor.

However, don't expect a gloomy album. As with Vinyl Floor, we are invited to a trip back in time in a luxurious pop where the Beatles are never far away. And it starts with the first track 'Yesterdays And Silly Ways' which evokes without any possible mistake the Fab Four in their best moments. Loneliness, an obvious theme, leads to melancholy as on 'Rains On Saturn' with its heavy piano notes, the hammered drums of 'Mass In D Minor' or on 'Organ Prayer (In E Flat)' but the warm voice comes to light the darkness. The vocal interpretation is one of the greatest assets of this record, clear, sometimes sententious but always comforting.

Fifteen tracks for a duration of 36 minutes, we can say that the Danish artist goes to the essential. This brevity does not prevent some tracks from being duplicated or from being anecdotal ('Night Of Stars', 'Sooner Than You Think'). One feels at times a taste of unfinished business, Thomas Charlie Pedersen being sometimes content to stay on the surface and not venturing often enough beyond the 4 minutes. The string ballad 'Stagnant Pools Of Sorrow' sounds like a pocket symphony and would have deserved to stretch more languorously beyond its 2 minutes and 23 seconds as does 'Oh Whatever'. The longest track, 'Fiddler And The Travesty', gives us a glimpse of what this album could have sounded like if its author had wanted to be a little more bold.

If the album is not revolutionary, on the other hand, it fulfills its mission to lead us in the magic world of the pop thanks to the voice of its interpreter and its positive spirit. There is no need to wash your ears before listening to this album.

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01. Yesterdays And Silly Ways
02. Oh, Whatever
03. Slow Passage
04. Rains On Saturn
05. Coarse Rasp Of Yore
06. Mass In D Minor
07. Fiddler & The Travesty
08. You Can't Have It Both Ways
09. Sooner Than You Think
10. Tremble And Reel
11. Night Of Stars
12. Organ Prayer (in E Flat)
13. Worry Beads
14. Beach In Vietnam
15. Stagnant Pools Of Sorrow

Daniel Pedersen: Batterie
Thomas Charlie Pedersen: Chant / Guitares / Basse / Batterie
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