"Despite its short fifteen minutes, "Reversion Of Repressed" confirms Greh's abilities for a muddy and severe sludge doom."
CHILDERIC THOR (17.05.2023)  
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Small EP of barely sixteen minutes, "Reversion Of Repressed" is no less worthy of interest. It follows a first eponymous EP when Greh was limited to a single tormented soul. Since then, Gjero has recruited a drummer (Monne) and handed over the mic to a full-fledged vocalist, Martin Kocula, who some may remember from the "Transzendenz" he burned a long time ago (in 2016) with Grau in a pure black metal register.

Greh however does not tie any link with black art since it bathes in the filthy charnel house of a punishing doom sludge. There is indeed something threatening in the music played by the trio. It starts with the band's name, which slams like an uppercut in the face and is adorned with an austere texture. It continues with the cover of "Reversion Of Repressed", muddy and severe, which sets the scene, rough and dark. We're not really joking with these gruff Germans who pour their angry darkness, their feet sunk in an oiled ground. The vocals are obscure, the guitar is stuck under a thick polluted crust and the rhythmic is hardly less numb.

With its sixteen minutes, "Reversion Of Repressed" necessarily goes very fast. The tracks follow one another, five in all, a bit monotonous, always dug in the same wood, heavy, full of gall and disgust for the society and the men who defile it. This lack of nuances could be prohibitive but besides the fact that it contributes to build this block of raw material, it sticks to the depressive atmosphere wanted by the Germans who drew from their life, the cathartic ground feeding this very personal creation. Greh nevertheless ruminates a rather classic sludge in the form, more muddy than overexcited. One thinks a little of the Canadians of Seum, but less punk and more doom, rooted in a sinister substratum that has the coldness of stone in winter.

A good fifteen minutes and then goes away, it's not much but enough to confirm the real potential of this trio for which we'll watch with attention a future long-lasting album which, if it lives up to the expectations raised by its little predecessors, promises a good slice of leaded and snarling dolorism.
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01. Inhumed to Forget - 03:35
02. Winds from Throes - 02:59
03. Eternal Despise - 03:22
04. Final Sanctification - 02:57
05. Age Of Resentment Ii - 03:50

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