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""A Kiss for the Whole World", the seventh album from Enter Shikari, is for those who love thrills and bands that change style in a flash, sometimes within the same song!"
ADRIANSTORK (06.09.2023)  
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Since 2007, Enter Shikari have always been able to move beyond styles and labels. With their formula blending punk, rock, electro and hardcore, the English have given a plethora of reviewers a hard time, more or less succeeding in surprising their fans without having to repeat themselves. "A Kiss For The Whole World", their 7th album, was even recorded, according to its authors, using only solar energy in a dilapidated farmhouse!

Eccentricity is the watchword for this English band, who don't seem to be without it. Listeners new to this band are likely to be pleasantly surprised. The solemn opening of the eponymous title track, with its trumpet, might be reminiscent of royal pomp, but this instrumentation is cut to shreds by razor-sharp guitars. It's an energetic start, but a classic one, with heaviness overpowering gentleness, just as the Beatles and Tony Sheridan had done with 'My Bonnie'. Enter Shikari doesn't stop there, however, and against all expectations, the track settles down around electro-rock sounds, softening its tone on the choruses and letting the punk energy shine through on the verses. From the outset, this track reveals that the band has raised the bar even higher, with ever greater audacity and fluidity.

The rest of the opus continues unabated, full of experimentations. There's nothing haphazard or clumsy about any of the tracks. It would be tedious to describe all the tracks that modulate a rugged soundscape, but which prove to be a feast for the ears. Synths are invited on '(pls) Set Me On Fire' along with screamo, funk and plaintive vocals. 'Dead Wood' features a string orchestra that takes the suicidal, introspective lyrics in its stride (the finale picks up the pace). 'Jailbreak' is a veritable roller-coaster ride, the sonic bolide taking off at breakneck speed but taking great care to negotiate its turns. Metal and hardcore fans will want to check out 'Goldfish'... In the end, isn't Enter Shikari progressive rock without knowing it?

Enter Shikari brings its sonic chameleon heritage to fruition and writes the finest chapter of its legend. "A Kiss For The Whole World" includes all the ingredients that have made the English band's discography such a success, but finds new paths to follow, much to the delight of the listener ready to follow in their footsteps on such an escapade.
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01. A Kiss for the Whole World x
02. (pls) Set Me On Fire
03. It Hurts
04. Leap into the Lightning
05. feed yøur søul
06. Dead Wood
07. Jailbreak
08. Bloodshot
09. Bloodshot (Coda)
10. Goldfish ~
11. Giant Pacific Octopus (i don't know you anymore)
12. giant pacific octopus swirling off into infinity…

Chris Batten: Chant / Basse
Liam Clewlow: Chant / Guitares
Rob Rolfe: Batterie
Roughton Reynolds: Chant / Claviers
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