Electro, Female vocals, Instrumental, Intimist, Melancholic
"With "One Step Closer", Pledge Of Healing offers itself a beautiful first album of atmospheric rock tinged with trip hop."
CALGEPO (02.05.2023)  
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"Love stories usually end badly" as the saying goes, but artistic love stories often generate beautiful projects. Such is the case for Pledge of Healing, the fruit of the meeting between Cyril and Claire who have launched into the realization of the album "One Step Closer". The cover leaves little room for suspense as to the theme that will be addressed throughout this record that invites you to probe the intricacies of consciousness in the form of introspection.

To reach their goals, the duo likes to take the time to install the atmospheres by proposing a duration of more than 50 minutes for nine tracks. "One Step Closer" is presented as a mixture of trip hop à la Massive Attack with atmospheric progressive. We might as well say it right away, this announcement is not usurped. Just like Edenya ("Silence"), Pledge Of Healing relies on long musical tracks carried by Claire's crystalline voice. 'A Friend For Bad Times' symbolizes alone this description. We could almost approach the style of The Gathering during the "Souvenirs" period, that is to say the less metal and more electro period. The progression of the track is interesting because it incorporates over the seconds more organic elements (guitars...) until the final explosion, giving it a structure close to that of Anathema post doom. This contribution of heat is symbolized in particular by the touching 'Rain To Light Up The Sun' built all in delicacy.

To achieve this introspective aspect, the strength of this album is to offer nice instrumental moments as shown by 'Too Late' or 'Through The Storm', which is almost reminiscent of a classical music piece with the emphasis on piano and strings. Sometimes, the duet goes a little too far in its developments, won by the desire not to impose limits and to want to do (too) well. However, the breaks and the melancholic melodies are numerous enough to sustain the interest throughout the album, helped by very beautiful arrangements. Claire also brings a surplus of Björk-like madness, adding an extra string to the many qualities of this record.

Pledge Of Healing offers an unexpected surprise with "One Step Closer" and succeeds in offering an album that is both demanding and accessible with beautiful moments of emotion. Everything is well balanced, the electro not taking the place of the organic, which allows to offer to the listener passages leaving place to the contemplation but also to the reflection on oneself.
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01. A Friend For Bad Times
02. Hopes And Dreams
03. What I Have Left
04. Life Explorer
05. The Universe Responds
06. Too Late
07. Thrill Ride
08. Run To Light Up The Sun
09. Through The Storm...

Claire Sergue: Chant
Cyril Delvallez: Guitares / Basse / Claviers
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