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"With "In Times New Roman", Queens Of The Stone Age synthesizes their previous electro-pop-rock evolution with their stoner heritage."
ADRIANSTORK (20.06.2023)  
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Six years after the release of "Villains", which saw the band confirm their evolution towards hard pop (decried by the guardians of the stoner temple), Queens Of The Stone Age are back with a new album, "In Times New Roman".

Each new Queens of the Stone Age album is impossible to anticipate: what style? back to basics or evolution? who will be part of the adventure? The only known factor is the presence of Josh Homme, unshakeable figurehead and sole singer. Whereas the previous opus was produced by Mark Ronson (a heresy according to some), Josh Homme and his mates have taken over the production. There are no prestigious guests here, and the focus is on the five Queens Of The Stone Age who make up the same line-up as on the previous album. Is this a way of reconnecting with their stoner destiny by not spreading themselves too thinly? The first few minutes seem to confirm it.

While the album follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, the band puts the emphasis back on dirty, saturated guitars, synthesizing the latest electro/pop/rock evolution (which was by no means a regression) with the sacred heritage of stoner DNA. The jubilant 'Made To Parade' is a new anthem of the genre, ending with a luminous saturated guitar solo. 'Sicily', with its mournful bass and gloomy ambience, proves that the band is capable of rewriting its own history without repeating itself. Josh Homme has often been criticized for extra-musical reasons, but the man who has been the band's sole singer since "Era Vulgaris" knows how to use his voice like a spell on the ears, by turns enchanting and nervous (although he is not without some annoying gimmicks, such as the use of head voice on 'What The Peephole Say').

We're also invited into the laboratory of a music-loving wizard with 'Carnavoyeur', on which we come across fuzzy guitars, martial drums, alien keyboards and violins, and believe it or not, the copious whole is very digestible! To conclude the album, the chaotic 'Straight Jacket Fitting', though a little long, leaves us with a refreshing surprise for the last few minutes. On this album, we still fall short of the violence, madness and aggression of "Rated R" or "Songs For The Deaf", but the greatness of Queens Of The Stone Age is to have never been where we expected them to be, and to have systematically refused to record the same album twice. On the other hand, this album loses some of the catchy immediacy of "Villains" and requires several listens to be appreciated.

Queens Of The Stone Age's eighth album, "In Times New Roman" re-emphasizes their stoner roots over the pop-rock-electro sound the band had begun to emphasize since "Era Vulgaris". A successful album for a band that has opened up new perspectives, even if it means alienating its fans. And what if, by opening up to a wider spectrum, Josh Homme and his gang were hoping to guide as many people as possible down the desert paths of stoner? To be continued... 
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01. Obscenery
02. Paper Machete
03. Negative Space
04. Time & Place
05. Made to Parade
06. Carnavoyeur
07. What the Peephole Say
08. Sicily
09. Emotion Sickness
10. Straight Jacket Fitting

Dean Fertita: Guitares / Claviers / Piano
Jon Theodore: Batterie
Joshua Homme: Chant / Guitares / Basse / Claviers / Batterie / Piano
Michael Shuman: Guitares / Basse / Claviers / Percussions
Troy Van Leeuwen: Guitares / Basse / Claviers / Percussions
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