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"Fans of epic heavy metal, Krysaor's "Foreword" is for you! Surrounded by talented musicians, Gus Monsanto delivers a fine performance."
CALGEPO (14.07.2023)  
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Like science fiction, mythology is often an inexhaustible source of inspiration for metal. This often violent universe lends itself well to the creation of musical stories alternating between brutal moments and lulls. Krysaor is the brainchild of Arnaud Carnielli, whose origins lie in Chrysaor, the son of Poseidon and Medusa, born of rape. Which goes to show that the lives of the Olympian gods are not so far removed from our own... This god has appeared many times in literature, comics and films, but never in music. Thanks to Krysaor, this is now a thing of the past.

To achieve this, the drummer originally built up a dream team consisting of Christophe Laurent (guitar), Varenfel (keyboards), Maxime Leclerq (vocals) - who took part in the Magic Kingdom project - and Simon Etienne (bass). To accentuate the album's theatrical side and compensate for certain movements during 2022, Krysaor has modified its line-up by integrating Jules Brosset (bass) and Gus Monsanto. The latter is not totally unknown in the metal sphere, having been the vocalist for Adagio and Revolution Renaissance (with Timo Tolkki).

"Foreword" is the first step in a project that will undoubtedly be built over the long term. This foreword is essentially based on an epic heaviness that best suits the adventurous, warlike tone of the album. Keyboards and guitars play a fundamental role, sometimes in a duel or in symbiosis to accentuate the drama ('By Your Side'). The album exudes a kind of nostalgia, accentuated by the vintage feel of the production. We're reminded of such fine references as Adagio and Symphony X.

This music is designed to leave a lot to the imagination and to images. Krysaor succeeds thanks to a well-balanced use of keyboards ('Let There Be Light') which often guide the listener into the immersion the band wishes to bring. We're immersed in both dynamic movements and calmer passages. The compositions are relatively classic, making us regret the absence of risk-taking. There are, however, some interesting progressive incursions at the very end of the album, with the track 'The Gate', which leaves plenty of room for instrumental expression, supported by excellent musicians alternating between quality interventions.

This last track gives us great hope for the future of Krysaor, who seems to set no limits on the development of his project. The celestial army, led by a solid singer whose performance is to be applauded, is on the march to conquer the world of music, and has the potential to do so, provided that this ambition to decompartmentalize style continues.
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01. Celestial Sanctuary - 4:49
02. Abyss Of Oblivion - 3:36
03. By Your Side - 7:17
04. The Disciple - 4:15
05. Let There Be Light - 5:12
06. Emperor Of The Seas - 6:00
07. The Gate - 8:50

Arnaud Carnielli: Batterie
Christophe Laurent: Guitares
Gus Monsanto: Chant
Jules Brosset: Basse
Varenfel: Claviers
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