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""DMFL" is the second album from Death Mantra For Lazarus, who offer us a rather brilliant instrumental post-rock journey despite some repetition..."
ADRIANSTORK (25.09.2023)  
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"Lazarus, come out!". This is how Jesus Christ resurrected the unfortunate Lazarus, who had died of illness a few days earlier before his visit to Bethany. This famous New Testament episode seems to have inspired the name of an Italian band formed in 2009. Death Mantra For Lazarus released their debut album "MU" in 2010, before entering a long hibernation. This enigmatic band has finally awoken from its long slumber with a successor with an equally sober name, "DMFL".

Death Mantra For Lazarus' post-rock music is largely instrumental, haunting and relaxing, willingly pushing the listener to reverie and reflection. 'Marbles' is the track most representative of this aesthetic, with its luminous guitar, aquatic keyboards and deceptively detached rhythm section. As a reminder, the term mantra - which means "instrument of thought" in Sanskrit - defines a sacred phrase or syllable endowed with strong spiritual power. Of course, it's not a question of guiding the listener to the underworld, but of offering an exciting listening experience as a journey into another world. However, despite the subtle variations on 'Church Superdelay', the album doesn't always avoid the trap of repetition...

The band does, however, change its formula on several occasions. On 'Like Dolphins', Jester At Work's deep voice adds a little heaviness, balanced by Hey Scenario's female vocals. This track, featuring these two guests, breaks the monotony we mentioned earlier, and the result is quite convincing. It's a pity that the band didn't take this exercise further, and a collaboration with a real singer could prove promising. The final track, 'Memory Of Us', takes a more jazzy route, featuring a trumpet, and, like 'Mina', ends on a slightly stormier note.

The second album from the mysterious Death Mantra For Lazarus, "DMFL" takes us on a sonic journey into luminous lands that the repetitive, minimalist aspect of the compositions sometimes jeopardizes.
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01. Church Superdelay
02. Nude
03. Marbles
04. Laika Cold! Laika Cold!
05. Mina
06. Like Dolphins
07. Memory Of Us

Alessandro Di Fabrizio: Guitares
Federico Sergente: Batterie
Lorenzo Conti: Guitares
Tonino Bosco: Basse / Claviers
Hey Scenario: Chant / Invité
Jester At Work: Chant / Invité
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