Female vocals, Melancholic
"Grip's "Solstici" is Doom as we like it: feminine and melancholy, granitic and dark."
CHILDERIC THOR (03.10.2023)  
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Grip is not a very fertile band, since "Solstici" is only their second album in a seven-year career that until then had been limited to a single, distant first draft ("Sessions From Beyond"). So everything is to be built for these extremely talented Spaniards, whom many will finally discover today.

Grip is Doom seamed with post-metal, to which the female vocals lend a twilight melancholy, in addition to their obvious charm and power of attraction. There may be nothing new for those who like to explore the genre but Ana Ruiz's voice really does have something of its own, at once sententious and distant, inhabited and numb without being monotonous. The lyrics, which mix Catalan and English ('Pirene'), contribute to this fascination and atmosphere, which is as granitic as it is dark.

Hollowed out of volcanic rock, the guitars are in unison with this rocky yet almost hypnotic despair ('Tretze Vents'). The tempo rarely gets carried away, clogged throughout by a petrified sadness. The whole thing could sink into a monolithism as dull as it is unfortunate, but this is not the case, as the Spaniards bewitch us and draw us with them into the bowels of a bottomless mine whose walls are scratched by these earthy guitars, gnawed by an inexorable pain that borders on a form of punitive and sacrificial beauty ('Black Hounds'). Thick as high-voltage cables, they sometimes escape this leaden languor to soar to summits still shrouded in suffering ('Solstici').

Launched by the immense 'Roots', which in just over six minutes sums up the approach of its creators, a powerfully emotional receptacle of immersive post-doom, this second opus is something of a megalith erected in the night against which the tragically solemn female vocals crash. And as always with this genre, geographical determinism dictates a music tinged with dark poetry, whose twilight features owe everything to the sunny region where it was born.

On the strength of this delivery, cast in the most penetrating doom, we hope that Grip will be more prolific from now on, and that it will offer a successor very soon (not in six years' time), even if it's true that its rarity ultimately makes each of its passages even more precious...
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01. Roots - 06:07
02. Pirenne - 06:40
03. Aloja - 07:17
04. Tretze Vents - 07:42
05. Black Hounds - 05:09
06. Solstici - 07:23

Albert Vilella: Basse
Ana Ruiz:
Angel Fuentes: Guitares
Quim Torres: Guitares
Sergi Querol: Batterie
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