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"With "Heterostasis", Path Of Ilya strike hard and offer us an excellent instrumental prog fusion album, original, well composed and always surprising."
NEWF (24.10.2023)  
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If you're going to play fusion, you might as well go all out. That, in a nutshell, is the first impression left by "Heterostasis", Path Of Ilya's second album. But be warned, this is not a simple fusion of two different styles, but rather of 3, 4, 5 unrelated styles, apart from the musicians' talent for integrating them into well-composed tracks that constantly play on the surprise effect. Is this a tour de force? Yes, without a doubt. Does it always succeed? No, but that doesn't matter, because the French trio's mission is to change the minds of those who find instrumental albums a bore.

As far as originality is concerned, "Heterostasis" is right up there. Borrowing from a multitude of musical currents: funk and jazz fusion ('Kleptocratic Joe'), Indian music and prog metal ('Palitana Sarando'), blues, stoner and jazz ('The Stoned, The Stoner And The Stonest'), flamenco and reggae ('Saltimbancos D'Amareleja'), hip hop and electro music ('Sporos'), Path Of Ilya's colourful compositions never lose their appeal, and are reminiscent of the spirit of Mörglbl, with less humour but even more creative madness. In fact, don't expect to be able to do something else listening to this album, which is as surprising as it is enthralling: it's simply impossible, unless you're a natural schizophrenic.

Of course, the greatest danger of such demanding music is to go off in all directions and lose the listener along the way. But it's in avoiding this pitfall of sterile demonstration that Path Of Ilya impresses most. For this, the band has a formidable weapon at its disposal: the extraordinary technique of its musicians. Between the brilliant solos of Jean-Joseph Bondier, sometimes inspired by Steve Vai ('Kleptocratic Joe'), the impressive groove of André Marques on bass and the Dantesque rhythmic work of Bruno Chabert on drums (who we suspect has listened a lot to Gavin Harrison), the Frenchies prove once again that the music scene is brimming with talent that is too often hidden.

"Heterostasis" is an excellent prog fusion album, original, well composed and always surprising. If you're a fan of intelligent, adventurous instrumental music, give it a chance. Your curiosity will be rewarded a hundredfold.
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01. Kleptocratic Joe - 6:
02. Palitana Sarando - 6:10
03. The Stoned, the Stoner and the Stonest - 7:19
04. Giboulées Ahurissantes - 7:37
05. Mambaroux - 7:08
06. Saltimbancos d'Amareleja - 9:46
07. Spóros - 5.25

André Marques : Basse
Bruno Chabert: Batterie
Jean-joseph Bondier: Guitares
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