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"Eight years after the release of "Drachenreise", Lambert keeps the flame alive with "Bon Courage", continuing a work that is anything but outdated, in the tradition of the masters of 70s-80s electronic music."
TONYB (13.11.2023)  
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It's already been eight years since Lambert Ringlage seduced us with "Drachenreise", a more than obvious offshoot of the Berlin School, enriched with the flavors of "Rêve Clémentine". He returns in 2023 with a deceptively titled new album, so much so that listening to these twelve new compositions generates a benevolent optimism in the listener.

After an Oldfield-like introduction and a danceable rhythmic pattern regularly found in Jean-Michel Jarre productions, 'New Horizon' delivers a joyful theme, carried by sounds that create an infectious enthusiasm. And this mood continues throughout the majority of the tracks. In a style as delicious as ever, strongly influenced by Tangerine Dream, to the point of inviting Johannes Schmoelling on 'Fading Memories', a track that takes us back to the world of "Hyperborea", or bringing back to light the timeless chords of "Stratosfear", Lambert unrolls his loops and sumptuous harmonies in the service of very positive melodies and sounds.

Whether it's 'Dream Glide', with its arpeggios that sound as if they came from "Ricochet", in which the theme from Mike Oldfield's 'Très Lunas' makes a fleeting appearance, or the crystalline notes on 'Fantasy Plays', the artist takes us on a journey of themes and harmonies in which the listener let himself go, simply savoring this universe where everything seems to glide naturally. The work on the different sounds and their blending is simply perfect, in the tradition of productions from the 70s and 80s, with a mixing quality beyond reproach.

Inevitably, fans of the genre won't be able to resist making frequent comparisons with the masters of electronic music - Vangelis comes to mind ('Cave World', 'Deep Cloud'), Tangerine Dream of course, but also Jean-Michel Jarre ('Chain of Images') - but this doesn't prevent the author from developing his own personality, sometimes adding an unexpected touch, as on the (too) short 'Rungar', whose title alone reveals its pagan folk orientation, a highly successful marriage between electronics and tradition.

Even if the last third of the album proves to be a little less playful, in a more classical vein, "Bon Courage" can be savored in one go, generating a feeling of optimism and well-being that could not be more beneficial. Following in the footsteps of the masters of 70s and 80s electronic music, Lambert keeps the flame alive with a work that is anything but outdated.
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01. New Horizon - 6:40
02. Dream Glide - 7:40
03. Cave World - 5:30
04. Fantasy Plays - 5:08
05. Towards Truth - 2:05
06. Runguar - 2:30
07. Secret Call - 5:27
08. Chain Of Images - 8:32
09. Deep Cloud - 2:37
10. Fading Memories - 8:02
11. Candle - - 1:52
12. Bon Courage - 8:28

Lambert Ringlage: Guitares / Basse / Claviers / Batterie
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