Bluesy, Dissonant, Female vocals, Guitar-Hero, Instrumental, Low vocals, Melancholic
"Shelterside's comeback album "From Scratch" is a powerful blend of Blues and Rock."
ADRIANSTORK (20.03.2024)  
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French band Shelterside made a name for themselves in 2019 with the release of their single 'Black Friday', which featured an edgy rock sound with blues roots, carried by the voices of its male and female performers. However, this first attempt failed to make a real impact, and the band disappeared from the radar for several years. Their return in 2024 with a full-fledged album, "From Scratch", bodes well for the future. This new departure is subtle, with the band not immediately seeking to capitalize on 'Black Friday'.

'Missing London' is bewitching and hushed, carried by the voices of Vanessa and Romuald. There are a few twists and turns in the track, but the restlessness is once again halted - a way of revealing your weapons, but without having to fire all your cartridges. Fans of heavy rock will get their money's worth with 'The Lines', 'Two Faces' and 'Drifiting', in which the fury of the two guitars electrifies a generally calm score. The band's bluesy roots are still there, as evidenced by 'Red Light' and 'One More Coffee'.

One of the band's strengths is that it can count on two top-quality performers. Singer Vanessa's clear, gentle voice adds an ingeniously magnetic edge, especially in the calmer moments. Romuald's deep, melancholy voice complements her, especially on the eponymous track. The two sing continuously in duet, with the exception of 'Aria' with Romuald and 'Broken Dreams' with Vanessa. This is the only downside to this album: it would have been preferable to limit the duets to a few songs, with the soloist better distributed behind the mic for the others.

Shelterside is back in business with this rich album of edgy rock with bluesy roots. If you like fiery guitars, more laid-back tracks and duet vocals, this "From Scratch" is for you.
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01. Missing London - 4:45
02. From Scratch - 4:13
03. One More Coffee - 3:19
04. Drifting - 4:18
05. Hide - 4:59
06. Empty Bottles - 2:17
07. Red Light - 3:34
08. Broken Dreams - 3:52
09. The Line - 2:54
10. Aria - 4:52
11. Two Faces - 4:35
12. Black Friday (Acoustic Version)

Arnaud: Batterie
Kevin: Guitares
Mustafa: Basse
Romuald: Chant / Guitares
Vanessa: Chant
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