Rasping vocals
"On the borderline between rock and hard rock, "Skin & Bone" will delight AC/DC and Rolling Stones fans alike."
LOLOCELTIC (12.10.2007)  
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Here's a band that hasn't received the recognition it deserves. And yet, Great White fans know them well, given that the latter have covered two of their songs, namely 'Can't Shake It' and 'Face The Day'. However, there's no guarantee that after listening to this album, fans of hard rock in the broadest sense of the term won't give The Angels' discography the chance it deserves, as the Australians' compositions should delight fans of AC/DC as well as the Rolling Stones, and of course Great White.

The Angels have their own identity, and it really deserves to be discovered, starting with Doc Neeson's voice, the band's main trademark, hoarse, warm, sometimes bordering on psychopathy, and which literally inhabits certain tracks such as 'What The Hell' or 'Soul Surgeon'. The rest of the band is in unison, with a powerful, effective rock'n'roll sound, propelled by Jim Hilbun's excellent bass playing and Rick Brewster's chiselled solos.

As for the music, it's based on riffs that are fairly classic at first glance, but which a careful listen reveals to be more polished than they seem, which in no way detracts from their effectiveness. Tracks oscillate between hard rock ('Northwest Highway', 'Skin & Bone', 'Wasteland'...) and even angry rock ('With Or Without You' or 'Call That Living'), and mid-tempo tracks such as the single 'Invisible Man', the disillusioned 'Movin' On' or 'World Stop Turning Round', with its haunting bass rhythm. Not forgetting the superb ballad 'My Light Will Shine', worthy of the Rolling Stones, as well as the disturbing 'Soul Surgeon', with its Keith Richards-style riff.

If you like big Rock, check out this superb album, which will not only give you a good time at the wheel at night on the freeway, but will also enable you to discover The Angels, a band that is unfairly underrated, even though bands such as Aerosmith, Guns N'Roses and Great White admit to being big fans!
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01. Northwest Highway - 3:17
02. Skin & Bone - 3:09
03. Caught In The Night - 4:06
04. With Or Without You - 2:59
05. Invisible Man - 4:21
06. Wasteland - 4:42
07. What The Hell - 4:14
08. World Stops Turning - 4:46
09. My Light Will Shine - 4:30
10. Soul Surgeon - 3:42
11. Call That Living - 3:02
12. Movin' On - 5:19

Brent Eccles: Batterie
Doc Neeson: Chant
Jim Hilbun: Basse / Claviers
John Brewster: Guitares / Harmonica
Rick Brewster: Guitares
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