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""Hallway Of Dreams" offers us here forty five minutes of an amazing cocktail of maturity and inspiration, often progressive, sometimes metal but always evocative of the Celtic culture."
NICOFRED (18.01.2008)  
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Kingfisher Sky presents at the beginning of 2007 "Hallway Of Dreams", his first album. This formation, whose founding member is none other than drummer Ivar de Graaf, had its first version when he left Within Temptation in 2001. His meeting with Judith Rijnveld was a determining factor in the musical axis that this new duo would adopt to concretize the writing of an album.
A demo was still recorded in 2006, then the composition of the band ended up stabilizing around Ivar and Judith, with two young recruits on guitars, a bassist who was part of Orphanage (Death Gothic band also Dutch) and a keyboardist who earned his place in the combo through the Internet.

The influences of the two protagonists and founders of Kingfisher Sky are at the origin of the eleven compositions of "Hallway Of Dreams". While Ivar de Graaf claims to be part of a progressive movement tinged with folk, Judith Rijnveld proudly wears an artist like Aretha Franklin. This can already give an idea of the content that "Hallway Of Dreams" can conceal, because this association can only reveal an original outcome, even if it is not easy to concretize. But it is without counting on the talent of Kingfisher Sky, who knows how to masterfully impose himself to offer forty-five minutes of an astonishing cocktail of maturity and inspiration working in a musical current tinged with a progressive momentum oriented metal but subtly evocative of Celtic culture. 

After the clear-cut riffs that serve as an introduction to "The Craving", the most direct track on this album, Judith Rijnveld's voice immediately proves to be an essential asset for Kingfisher Sky. Powerful, crystalline, subtle, she literally bewitches. The rhythmic background work, already well supported on this track, invites the guitars and keyboard to interfere in this universe both mystical and melodic. Then comes a laudatory refrain, further illuminating this composition towards a Gaelic climate dear to Ivar de Graaf. Barely four minutes have elapsed, and a first thought comes to mind: "Here, not banal!". The desire to continue listening is all the more exhilarating, and the continuation is up to expectations. 
The eponymous title starts calmly on a piano melody where Judith's sublime voice comes to rest. The guitars follow on a syncopated drum rhythm, where a rise in power remains omnipresent until the end of this piece. Another good slap that shows that strength and lyricism are definitely a good match in this formation, and "Balance Of Power" will only reinforce this feeling. 

These alchemists of very good taste continue on their way with "November", rich in harmony and break, with moreover a melodic and inspired solo to finish in apotheosis any guitar outside so as not to forget that Kingfisher Sky also knows how to make metal. But how to resist to "Big Fish", with its pure and limpid acoustic melody, just like the always wonderful voice that invites to a trip in Celtic country. 

The inspiration and the quality of interpretation are not lost on the following tracks, all worthy of interest because original and fascinating. Judith brings more than ever her contribution of great quality, and it must be said that the years of conservatory have not been in vain to reveal such a talent.
Especially since the production served on "Hallway Of Dreams" is well ingrained in the 21st century. Time passes quickly when listening to this album, because here is already the last track "Sempre Fedele", more gregorian in the general theme, but accelerations and breaks constantly effective on which Judith sits a voice always as bewitching are once again a guarantee of the quality of this track.

"Hallway Of Dreams" offers us here forty five minutes of an amazing cocktail of maturity and inspiration, often progressive, sometimes metal but always evocative of the Celtic culture. A beautiful album which could even please the most reticent of the style.
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01. The Craving - 03:42
02. Hallway Of Dreams - 04:17
03. Balance Of Power - 04:22
04. November - 04:20
05. Big Fish - 03:29
06. Through My Eyes - 05:08
07. Seven Feet - 04:13
08. Persephone - 03:23
09. Her White Dress - 04:09
10. Brody - 04:37
11. Sempre Fedele - 04:09

Daan Janzing: Guitares
Edo Van Der Kolk: Guitares
Eric Hoogendoorn: Basse
George van Olffen: Claviers
Ivar de Graaf: Batterie
Judith Rijnveld: Chant
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