"Absolutely unavoidable album and intended for any public loving the guitar and dynamic music, "Strays" flies over its subject and proves with evidence that Jane's addiction bears its name very well."
TORPEDO (03.11.2008)  
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Once upon a time, there was a young man who was bored. He was playing with his remote control, carelessly and without conviction going from music channel to music channel. He was about to turn off the TV and go to study - a beautiful example of reality joining fiction - when all of a sudden a bunch of excited people appeared on the screen. He was literally glued to the screen and couldn't wait to hear the name of the band. Finally, a few seconds before the end, the coveted characters appeared: "Jane's Addiction - Just Because". The young man was me. But how could an alternative rock band, a movement that comes from Punk, tickle the ears of a progressive fan (me again)? 

This is a question whose answer is obvious from the introduction to "True Nature", a true concentrate of success. Launched on a " Here we go ! "and a monstrous riff of efficiency, the track will shine in turn by its catchy vocals, its heady choruses with a depth amplified by some small programming touches perfectly dosed, its ultra groovy bass and its huge break which will start again on an thrilling solo. 

Spending all your time on a track shaking your head frantically can be tiring. So, when Jane's addiction start again on a "strays" well punchy, then follows with a "Just Because" as powerful and direct as "True Nature", beware of headaches.

Fortunately, the band gives us some very short moments of appeasement, notably with "Price I Pay" which starts in intimacy - to jump down our throat after two minutes - and which offers in its middle a very short unexpected atmospheric passage of an exacerbated sensuality. 

The problem with tracks that are smash hits is that very good tracks just get good.. "The Riches" and then "Superheroes" pay the price. Just as punchy as their predecessors, they're excellent but they lack the little extra that would make them hits.

In the same vein, but still a little less well armed than the others, "Wrong Girl", "Suffer Some" or "Hypersonic" also suffer from the comparison. We'll have to wait for the last track, less aggressive, more nuanced but just as direct, to find the thrills of the beginning of the album. 

Absolutely unavoidable album and intended for any public loving the guitar and dynamic music, "Strays" flies over its subject and proves with evidence that Jane's addiction bears its name very well.
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01. True Nature
02. Strays
03. Just Because
04. Price I Pay
05. The Riches
06. Superhero
07. Wrong Girl
08. Everybody's Friend
09. Suffer Some
10. Hypersonic
11. To Match The Sun

Chris Chaney: Basse
Dave Navarro: Guitares
Perry Farrell: Chant
Stephen Perkins: Batterie
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