Easy-Listening, Rasping vocals
"More assertive, the Post Grunge direction of Breaking Benjamin clearly favoured on the first album reveals in this "We Are Not Alone" all its hymnic and melodic potential."
NIURK (07.08.2009)  
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Breaking Benjamin had distinguished himself in 2002 with a raging "Saturate", which had some nice ideas, but unfortunately were drowned under a flood of badly controlled energy. Without talking about a maturity album for this still young band, we could nevertheless expect some progress that would allow them to reach the level of their elders, and incidentally the top of the charts.

'So Cold' opens the album on a long one minute introduction. The vocals seem to be more controlled and deliver lines that are as powerful as they are pleasant. The track has some very Tool-like atmospheric elements. The rhythm section, heavy but slamming, does a formidable job, while the guitars pour out riffs and soli that are ever more catchy: a real nice introduction, which will become a classic of the genre.

'Simple Design' briefly returns to a certain punk energy with an explosive bass and sharp guitars that thicken an already ample sound. An acoustic break and a few growls later, the compositional talent of our quartet is confirmed on 'Follow' with a simple but terribly effective chorus, an equally catchy 'Firefly' and 'Break My Fall' which offers a well thought-out break.

Then comes the ballad, probably the most beautiful proof of the intelligence deployed by Breaking Benjamin in this opus. Abandoning the big guitars, 'Forget It' offers a crescendo that one might find easy but which is full of welcome little arrangements. The rest of the album is just as interesting with devastating anthems like 'Sooner Or Later' and its multiple atmospheres or the heavy 'Away'. If 'Believe' may seem more anecdotal with its weak screamed vocals, 'Rain' closes the album with an acoustic ballad that's no better or worse than any of its peers.

With 'We Are Not Alone', Breaking Benjamin confirms the hopes placed in them and will finally obtain a deserved recognition from the general public. More assertive, the Post Grunge direction clearly favoured on the first album reveals here all its hymnic and melodic potential. A band to discover urgently.
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01. So Cold – 04:33
02. Simple Design – 04:15
03. Follow – 03:18
04. Firefly – 03:08
05. Break My Fall – 03:25
06. Forget It – 03:38
07. Sooner Or Later – 03:39
08. Breakdown – 03:36
09. Away – 03:12
10. Believe – 03:20
11. Rain – 03:25

Aaron Fink: Guitares
Benjamin Burnley: Chant / Guitares
Jeremy Hummel: Batterie
Mark Klepaski : Basse
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