"Demians has refined in this "Mute" nine compositions with squarer contours, probably less emotional but just as captivating."
HYPERUNKNOWN (03.06.2010)  
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Just two years ago, Demians released his first rock effort whose excellence was widely appreciated by the critics. A dazzling recognition that allowed the band to tour the world with great names of the progressive scene such as Marillion, Anathema or Oceansize.

Talented artist but also prolific, Nicolas Chapel at the head of the formation, will have waited only a little time before coming back with this "Mute" which bears badly its name. Because without however changing of style, the rhythm imposed by Demians seems to have noticeably accelerated and made heavier. A rise in power which can even look like Opeth's granularity ("Rainbow Ruse") or Tool's nervousness ("Swing Of The Airwaves"). Demians muscled his game expressing himself on rather dark ambiences but sometimes manages to develop a more radiant energy like on "Tidal" with its Californian atmosphere close to Dredg.

If we can see the desire to assert itself differently, in a more authoritative way, the soaring or intimist plans are not for all that forgotten. "Black Over Gold" and even more "Falling From The Sun" go in this direction, the first one taking little by little paths of an intense emotionality while the second one is posed with a cat's gait whose paws would brush the ground.

With this "Mute", the impression is to see again a friend lost of sight for some years. Some things have changed, of course, but the pleasure of meeting again remains the same. Demians has refined nine compositions with more square contours, probably less emotional but just as captivating. Another beautiful lesson of rock.
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01. Swing Of The Airwaves - 07:27
02. Feel Alive - 04:33
03. Porcelain - 05:33
04. Black Over Gold - 06:10
05. Overhead - 06:33
06. Tidal - 03:47
07. Rainbow Ruse - 05:31
08. Hesitation Waltz - 06:46
09. Falling From The Sun - 04:10

Nicolas Chapel: Chant / Guitares / Basse / Claviers / Batterie / Samples
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4/5 (4 view(s))
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