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"Halfway between Peter Gabriel's ambiances and Vangelis' refined research, "Broken China" is a unique object which will succeed in gathering around him fans of seventies prog' as well as afficionados of 21st century sounds."
VANDERGRAAF (25.01.2004)  
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It all starts with a dive. Then, once underwater, the ethereal and hovering synthetic sounds begin. Richard Wright's second solo album begins with an immersion in the concept that runs through the entire record: depression. During the band's last tour, in 1994, Wright tried to keep in touch with a close friend who was suffering from a severe nervous breakdown. He followed her friend's fall and resurrection live and drew from it the concept. Wright composed the music, most of the lyrics are by Anthony Moore, who also collaborated on the latest floyds. And the result is impressive.

"Broken China" shows from the second piece all its ambivalence and richness. "Night of a thousand furry toys" reveals a Manu Katché in great shape on drums, great guitar solos by Tim Renwick, cello, hyper groovy bass, and the deep voice of Rick Wright. This track alone is a delight, dark but pulsating like a living heart. Very clearly divided into four subparts (the tracks within these four sections are all chained), the album sinks into the dark atmosphere through songs and numerous instrumentals where Wright lets himself be lulled by his desire for original and rich sound effects. More than ever, Wright shows that he is the only synthesizer pro to use this instrument with the parsimony and caution it deserves.

Then we come to "Blue room in Venice", turning to a little more optimism from his heroine. This great song is a duet between Rick Wright and Sinead O'Connor, and their two united voices on the moving verses are enough to captivate the most insensitive. We find in this song a nostalgic organ and an improbable break of a few seconds that briefly leads us into a piano bar: pure genius. The album finally closes with "Breakthrough", sung by Sinead alone, charged with the delicate emotion of digital sounds, dry guitar, melody and rhythmic depth.

This last song was Wright's great hope to see his album embrace success. Unfortunately, poorly sold, ignored by the press (except for the late magazine "Rockstyle"), "Broken China" was only known by the few Pink floyd's fans who found it lost in the same tray as "Dark side of the moon". It deserves much better than oblivion. Wright shows with this album that he is at the same time the most inspired and the most honest of the old Pink Floyd, but also the most original. "Broken China" is neither a sub "The Wall" nor a sub "Dark Side". Halfway between Peter Gabriel's ambiances and Vangelis' refined research, "Broken China" is a unique object, with an impeccable production, which will succeed in gathering around him fans of seventies prog' as well as afficionados of 21st century sounds. 

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01. Breaking Water
02. Night Of A Thousand Furry Toys
03. Hidden Fear
04. Runaway
05. Unfair Ground
06. Satellite
07. Woman Of Custom
08. Interlude
09. Black Cloud
10. Far From The Harbour Wall
11. Drowning
12. Reaching For The Rail
13. Blue Room In Venice
14. Sweet July
15. Along The Shoreline
16. Breakthrough

Dominic Miller: Guitares
Manu Katche: Batterie
Pino Palladino: Basse
Rick Wright: Chant / Claviers
Steve Bolton: Guitares
Tim Renwick: Guitares
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Très bel album, qui n'a pa eu le succès qu'il aurait mérité. Bien plus torturé que "Wet Dream", mais aussi beaucoup plus construit et poignant. 'Breakthrough' est magnifique, peut-être une des plus belles chanson de Rick (aux côtés de 'Wearing The Inside Out', 'Great Gig In The Sky', 'Us And Them' et 'Remember a Day'). Un must !
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