80's, Easy-Listening, Rasping vocals
""Pride" reveals an exceptional guitarist and a duo of outstanding composers. A major album and a must for any lover of beautiful guitars and energetic Hard-Rock."
NESTOR (28.12.2010)  
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Preceded by a rather ordinary first album, but haloed by the excellent stage reputation of White Lion, "Pride" was released in 1985 on Atlantic. In the middle of the Hair Metal period and under the reign of a then all-powerful MTV, this album will quickly reach the status of reference, helped by a very strong television exposure.

From the first notes of "Hungry", the very aggressive (and very Van Halen) guitar of Vito Bratta is one of the major assets of the band. In spite of a sound that lacks a little dynamism and power, its very pushed rhythms, its very clear style, and its magnificent soli allow White Lion to stand out from the competition. It's not for nothing that the guitarist will be awarded many distinctions by the magazines specialized in six strings (Guitar World Magazine, Guitar for the Practicing Musician, Guitar School Magazine...) the following years. The other strong point of White Lion is to be found in his charismatic singer, Mike Tramp. His hoarse voice is wonderful, even though his vocal qualities are not exceptional. Indeed, the veil which seems to cover his voice and which gives him a slightly asthmatic tone, far from being a handicap, is rather likely to increase the personality of the group. It should be said that his singing parts are often doubled by James Lomenzo (bass, future Ozzy Osbourne, Zakk Wylde, David Lee Roth, Megadeth, Slash...).

Indeed, and it is certainly the aspect of this record that has gone out of fashion the most, the compositions are full of choirs. If the festive "All Join Our Hands" is on this point rather caricatured with its choruses worthy of a hunting banquet, the other titles are not outdone. But this small drawback does not manage to affect the quality of the compositions presented here, and like the incisive "Don't Give Up", some tracks remain timeless. Even the rare titles that could be qualified as being average still contain something to satisfy the guitar lovers. Thus, "Sweet Little Loving", probably the weakest track (with "All Join Our Hands") includes all the same beautiful rhythmic guitar parts.

For the rest, it's a party on all levels. From the explosive "Hungry" introduced by a guitar as rough as Mike Tramp's voice, to the superb ballad "When The Children Cry" carried by a very fragile voice and transcended by an airy guitar solo, everything is good. "Tell Me", "Wait", and the more complex "Lady Of The Valley", are also solid tracks of hard rock and very effective.

This "Pride" reveals an exceptional guitarist and a great songwriters duo. A major album and a must for any lover of beautiful guitars and energetic Hard-Rock.
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01. Hungry - 03:55
02. Lonely Nights - 04:16
03. Don't Give Up - 03:13
04. Sweet Little Loving - 04:00
05. Lady Of The Valley - 06:38
06. Wait - 04:00
07. All You Need Is Rock 'n' Roll - 03:15
08. Tell Me - 04:28
09. All Join Your Hands - 04:22
10. When The Children Cry - 04:18

Greg D'Angelo: Batterie
James Lomenzo: Chant / Basse
Mike Tramp: Chant
Vito Bratta: Guitares
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