Groovy, Low vocals, Rasping vocals
""Earth Rocker" is a real heavy rock bomb, without a doubt one of the best albums of the genre in 2013."
MR.BLUE (09.05.2013)  
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Let's be direct, Clutch signs with "Earth Rocker" its very best album and without any doubt one of the best heavy rock albums of 2013. In spirit, intention, intensity, it deserves excellence but if you add a drummer with an incredible groove (Jean Paul Gaster), thunderous riffs and a singer inhabited with inimitable phrasing, it's simple, Clutch destroys everything in its path. 

Already "Strange Cousins From The West" (2009) highlighted our friends from Maryland, seeing them harden their game but here, by playing the card of concision, they offer us a direct album, influenced by their admission of recent tours with Motörhead or Thin Lizzy. The return of Machine (Lamb Of God, King Crimson) at the controls is also for something there since it pushes the group to pass beyond the famous Clutch Tempo, giving to titles like 'Earth Rocker' or 'Crucial Velocity' a certain immediacy.

The first single with its percussive and addictive phrasing is a nose-thumbing to all those bands who complain about having to play in front of 50,000 people (If You Gonna Do It Do It Live On Stage, Or Don't Do It At All) while the second offers an explosive chorus. In the same vein Up-Tempo 'Cyborg Bette' with its tragic-comic lyrics or the darker 'Unto The Breach', also tested live several times before the recording, have an irrefutable strength and a delightful urgency.

On the groove side, it's 'Mr.Freedom' and 'D.C Sound Attack' that do the job. You will still sing the memorable chorus of the first that the Go Go funk of the second will nail you to the ground (this cow bell on the instrumental bridge). Impossible either to pass under silence the Jazzy 'Gone Cold', welcome breath or the heavy 'The Face' dealing with the enslavement of the peoples and intimately linked in the text to its following and more raised 'Book, Saddle & Go'.

Everything, until the artwork, of "Earth Rocker" is chiseled and captivating. A real bomb, a Must! And an ideal door of entry in the universe of a group which will know how to propose you with its preceding albums a formula can be more languishing garnished with psychedelic Jam, but quite as charming.

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01. Earth Rocker – 03:31
02. Crucial Velocity – 04:00
03. Mr. Freedom – 02:43
04. D.c. Sound Attack! – 04:37
05. Unto The Breach – 03:31
06. Gone Cold – 04:21
07. The Face – 04:22
08. Book, Saddle & Go – 03:44
09. Cyborg Bette – 03:14
10. Oh, Isabella – 05:17

Dan Maines: Basse
Jean Paul Gaster: Batterie
Neil Fallon: Chant / Guitares
Tim Sult: Guitares
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