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01. Preamble
Music Waves (MW) is offered to you under certain conditions of use. They are defined below and the simple consultation of MW implies, automatically and unconditionally, your full and complete acceptance of all its terms of use.

MW reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time without notice.

02. Intellectual Property
The content of MW is governed by the intellectual property code. Any retrieval and reproduction of the information present on the site is prohibited. Any illicit use of all or part of the site may lead to prosecution.

03. Responsibilities
MW is not responsible for the content of sites managed by third parties that it targets by means of hyperlinks.

MW is an institutional site offering an advisory service. No claim can be made against MW in the event that the advice proves to be unsuitable for the tastes of the visitor or member.

The accuracy of the information contained on MW cannot be prosecuted. As a target of one of them you have the right to ask for its correction by justifying it.

The reviews are objective and argued opinions of people with significant experience in their field and these opinions are binding only on them. MW as well as these people cannot be prosecuted for their criticism, whatever its content.

MW reserves the right to spontaneously or definitively stop all or part of its services without prior notice.

04. Interactivity
Some parts of the site allow personal opinions and discussions (Comments, articles, news, reviews). You are solely responsible for the messages and comments you write on MW.

MW reserves the right to refuse, modify or delete any comments that it considers inappropriate, offensive or defamatory. All the information that you register on MW becomes the exclusive property of MW, which may use or keep it as it sees fit.

These means of communication are governed by rules of good conduct. You therefore undertake not to defame, abuse, harass or threaten anyone, nor to violate the rights of others. Any breach of these rules will be followed by action by MW such as deletion of the account or banning your IP address.

05. Claim
For any complaint please send an email to the Music Waves Administration.
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