""Eidos", Kingcrow's sixth album, is full of prog, melodies and subtle arrangements. A melodic and emotional success highly recommended."
PROGRACER (30.07.2015)  
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"Endos" is the sixth album of Kingcrow. This Italian band, with an strong identity and an endearing personality, is a master in the elaboration of a progressive metal both powerful and subtle. This last opus is no exception to the rule and the Romans offer us a well achieved album, full of emotion and mastery.

Mastery of the style. After having groped for a few albums between prog, AOR and alternative, the Romans now have well defined certainties about their musical orientation. They officiate in a progressive metal as subtle as energetic made of heavy riffs, elaborated rhythmic and melodic variations, chiseled melodies and precise arrangements, all this without ever losing the listener. See the sublime 'Adrift' or the catchy 'At the Same Place', or 'Open Sky' which is the perfect example with multiple variations while controlling the emotions with its acoustic intro, its aerial solo, its layers of keyboards, just like 'Eidos' with a construction of drawers between sharp riffs, acoustic passages all in emotion and an instantly catchy melody. 

Mastery of the melody. With their distinctive sound and the bewitching voice of Diego Marchesi, the Italians have built their image around this singer with such an unusual voice, capable of conveying a continuous flow of emotions during an entire album, however rich it may be. It is still the case on this "Eidos". Without ever falling into the demonstration, Marchesi switches in an instant from a soft melody reminding Simon And Garfunkel to immediate choruses. His singing is very expressive ('The Deeper Divide') and the vocal lines which compose each title put forward his so particular tone thanks to a palpable sensitivity. Thus 'On The Barren Ground', 'The Moth' or 'At The Same Place' abound in exceptional melodic passages.

Mastery of the atmospheres. As for the melodies, "Eidos" is certainly the most successful Kingcrow album from this point of view. Not satisfied with their achievements, the Romans explore new directions with arrangements of an astonishing precision and efficiency, as on the break preceding the excellent solo of 'At The Same Place', in the acoustic guitars of 'Open Sky' or 'Fading Out (Part IV)' and even more on 'The Deeper Divide' whose heady riff seems to come straight out of an O.S.I. album. S.I. And as the six musicians show an impeccable technical mastery, in authenticity, without any demonstration, and as the album benefits from a clear and precise production putting forward each element without masking the others, the result is close to perfection. The final of 'If Only' is once again the perfect illustration.

In spite of the apparent simplicity emanating from each title, the album will reveal itself completely after a few listenings and will give the full measure of its melodic and emotional potential with each new attempt. "Eidos" is a simple and authentic album which could have reached the maximum note with a little more originality, but its strength is elsewhere, in the endearing personality of the band, its capacity to deliver melodies and atmospheres immediately delightful and in the extreme homogeneity of the whole within which nothing is to throw away. Less metal than its predecessor but at least as progressive, this "Eidos" will satisfy Kingcrow's fans and could appeal to a great majority of prog fans, all trends included. A successful album that positions itself as a very serious candidate for the top 5 of the year 2015.  
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01. The Moth
02. Adrift
03. Slow Down
04. Open Sky
05. Fading Out [part 4]
06. The Deeper Divide
07. On The Barren Ground
08. At The Same Pace
09. Eidos
10. If Only

Cristian Della Polla: Claviers
Diego Cafolla: Guitares
Diego Marchesi: Chant
Francesco D'errico: Basse
Ivan Nastasi: Guitares
Thundra Cafolla: Batterie
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